front1 Simple Fiber Optic Audio
Authors: Ž. Popović, J. Bajić
2019 03 29 172747 

This project demonstrates a simple audio signal transmission through optical fiber. This project was a 10 points assigement from the course of Optoelectronics. On figure below photo of the project schematic is given. Optical fiber used in this project was 20 m long plastic optical fiber (POF) MH-4001. Optical transmitter uses a standard 5 mm LED. Receiver part consists of IF-D92 phototransistor from Industrial Fiber Optic and LM386 audio amplifier module. 



 - Project schematic and pcb: sch&pcb
 - Fiber-optic transmitter box model on thingiverse: model
 - Demo video on youtube: video
 - Optical fiber used in this project: MH-4001
 - Phototransistor used in this project: IF-D92



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