3314A, function generator, Hewlett-Packard


Signals: Square, triangle and sine function;
Range: 0.001 Hz - 19.99 MHz;
Amplitude Accuracy:  +/-1% of display +0.035Vpp, for sine and square (+0.06Vpp triangle)
Amplitude Flatness: (10kHz, 1V to 10Vpp) 0.07dB for 20Hz to 50kHz, 0.33dB for 50kHz to 1MHz, 1.5dB for 1MHz to 19.99MHz.
DC Offset: +/-(3% of display +10mVDC +0.5% of AC Amplitude Range) for Frequency <100kHz Auto Range:ON
Phase Offset: +/-2° (50Hz to 25kHz)
Sine Harmonic Distortion for 20Hz to 50kHz: -55dB, for 50kHz to 1999kHz -40dB, -25dB for 1999kHz to 19.99MHz and Offset at 0V, and Invert to OFF.
Square Wave Risetime, Falltinme <9ns for 10% to 90% at a 10Vpp output

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