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front DIY Servo Motor
This project illustrates how you can simply build your own servo motor.

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front OV7670 Camera Demo
Demo project for OmniVision OV7670 camera module done using DMCI interface and STemWin GUI library.

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front Ramps 1.4 Butterfly - 3D printer controller board
Ramps Butterfly is modular 3D printer controller board that uses Click boards™ by Mikroelektronika.
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front OptoLAB mini: Simple Development for PIC32 & STM32
OptoLAB mini is a small development board with ConnectEVE display intended for MINI boards with PIC32 & STM32 MCUs by Mikroelektronika.

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frontxc Using MPLAB X IDE and XC32 Compilers with mikroBootloader
This project contains information how to use MPLAB X IDE and XC32 Compilers from Michrochip with preloaded USB-HID bootloader from Mikroelektronika.

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front site Fiber Optic Curvature Sensors - FOCS
Simple fiber-optic sensor for measurement of amplitude and direction of bending deformations.

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front Mikromedia 7 Capacitive and TouchGFX GUI library
Demo project fot Mikromedia 7 Capacitive development board for STM32F7 mcu based on TouchGFX GUI librariy.

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Self Balancing Platform
Simple self balancing platform with MPU - 6050, AX - 12 servo motors and 3D printable parts
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