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2023 10 05 173530 Simple BCG Heart Rate Monitoring System
Project illustrates simple electronic system based on non-invasive method of Ballistocardiography or BCG for measuring and analyzing small ballistic impact forces caused by the contraction of the heart muscle.
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front Simple DIY Educational Servo Motor
Simple educational servo motor built by students for course of Application of Sensors and Actuators.

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front Mikromedia 5 for Tiva C and LVGL GUI library
Demo project for Mikromedia 5 for Tiva C Series development board based on open source Light and Versatile Graphics librariy.

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front TCD1304AP CCD Sensor
 This project presents a simple readout demo for TCD1304AP CCD sensor with 3648 light sensitive pixels.

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front ConnectEVE (FT800) as 3D printer display
 This project illustrates how to add simple color touch UI solution on 3D printer based on FTDI FT800/EVE graphics controller.

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front DIY Servo Motor
This project illustrates how you can simply build your own servo motor.

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front OV7670 Camera Demo
Demo project for OmniVision OV7670 camera module done using DMCI interface and STemWin GUI library.

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front Ramps 1.4 Butterfly - 3D printer controller board
Ramps Butterfly is modular 3D printer controller board that uses Click boards™ by Mikroelektronika.
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