N3900A 400x400

N3900A, Modular network tester, Agilent


Human Interface:

Touch screen
Cursor control navigationa
5 User programmable Soft keys
On/Off key
Help key
Measurement Stop/Start key
Power On indicator
Battery charging indicator
Battery charging level


Universal Serial Bus (USB 1.1): for connection with USB Video Microscope Camera N3988A
USB 1.1 Peripheral: Transmission for up to 12 Mbit/s
RS232C: 9-pin, maximum baud rate 115200 baud.
Parallel Port: 25-pin, standard parallel port (Centronics)
LAN: RJ-45 jack, (Ethernet 10/100)
Keyboard: PS/2 port (Mini-DIN) for English Standard, PS/2 or AT keyboard
VGA: Analog monitor output with SVGA resolution, 60 Hz
Headset: Standard microphone and speaker plug


SVGA-LCD: 25.9 cm (10.4”) color TFT display
800 x 600 pixels (SVGA)

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