15986 lrg

TED200C, Benchtop Temperature Controller, ±2 A / 12 W, Thorlabs


Compatible Sensors: Thermistors, AD590/AD592, LM335
TEC Output (Low Noise): ± 2 A / 12 W
Temperature Range: from -45 °C to +145 °C (AD590) or 10 Ω to 200 kΩ (Thermistor)
Temperature Resolution: 0.01 °C (IC-Sensor) or 1 Ω (Thermistor)
Temperature Stability: ≤ 0.002 °C
Separate Adjustment of the P, I and D Share of the Control Loop for Shortest Temperature Settling Time
Constant Temperature Operating Mode
Analog Control via the TUNE IN Input
Adjustable TEC Current Limit
Detection of Incorrect or Missing Temperature Sensor and Open TEC Connection
RoHS Compliant


Precise Stabilization of Laser Diodes for Use in Interferometry and Spectroscopy
Cooling of Detectors for Noise Reduction
Temperature Stabilization of Non-linear Crystals
Temperature Stabilization of Industrial Systems
Control Temperature Set Point via External Input for Active Stabilization of Laser Wavelength

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