TCLDM9 400x400

TCLDM9, TE-Cooled Mount for Ø5.6 mm and Ø9 mm Lasers, Thorlabs


Integrated TEC Element for Temperature Controlled Operation of a Laser Diode
Compatible with Many 3- and 4- Pin Laser Diodes in Ø9 mm or Ø5.6 mm Packages
Compatible with Thorlabs' DPSS Laser Diodes when Used with a TCLDM9DJ Mounting Flange
Integrated Bias-T Adapter Allows for RF Modulation of the Laser Current up to 500 MHz
30 mm Cage System Compatible
SM1 Lens Tube Compatible
Integrated TEC Lockout Circuit to Protect LD (Can Be Disabled)
8-32 and M4 Tapped Holes for Easy Post Mounting

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