11306 lrg

PTR52514, Optical table 3000x1500x310 mm, 311x160x60 cm@848kg, Thorlabs


TableThickness: 12.2"(310mm)
Flatness: ±0.004"(±0.1mm)
Over any 11.0ft2(1m2)
Construction: Triple-Skin, Steel, Double-HoneycombCore
Top and Bottom Skins:
Matched Materials for Athermalized Design
Magnetic Stainless Steel, 5mmThick
Top Skin is Brushed Finish
MainCore: High-Density, Plated-Steel Honeycomb
ItermediateCore: Plated-Steel Sealing Cup Honeycomb Structure, 0.5"(13mm)
Thick Sides: BlackLaminated-SteelSides, Slightly Inset 
Mounting Hole Pattern: M6 x 1.0 on 25mmCenters

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