modelocking Mode Locking - Demo
Author: J. Bajić 
2019 03 29 172747 

This project presents a simple software written in LabVIEW demonstrating mode locking in audio spectrum. Mode locking or mode synchronization technique is a method used for generating high power ultrashort laser pulses (order of magnitude from ps up to fs) based on superposition of laser resonator modes. In a laser resonator a short pulse is formed when a fixed phase relationship is achieved between its modes [1]. In practical lasers mode-locking is achieved using either active or passive modulator that modulates laser resonator loses at frequency corresponding to resonator round trip frequency. 
This project is inspired by prof. Reinhart Poprawe from RWTH Aachen University online lectures about pulse laser radiation [2].

Random modes phases = Low average power


Synhronized modes (mode locked) = High intensity pulses 


[1] Dr. Rüdiger Paschotta, “Mode Locking”, RP Photonics
[2] Reinhart Poprawe, “Pulsed laser radiation II”, Online lectures


 - LabVIEW virtual instrument: mode
Demo video on youtube: video



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