8 Resistors2K19 Line Follower Robot - Mr. Fahrenheit
Authors: N. Radosavljeić, S. Tovilović, N. Milutinović, J. Bajić
2019 03 29 172747 

This project presents the line follower robot called Mr. Farenheit built by our team Resistor 2K19 for RoboTEC 2019 student competition. Goal of the competition was to complete the given stage in shortest time. Resistor 2K19 and Mr. Fahrenheit won second place with 0.17s behind the fastest robot. Robot design is based on Arduino Nano microcontroller board, SparkFun TB6612FNG dual H-brigde motor driver and ITR8307 optical reflection sensor. Robot chassis and wheels are made using 3D printer, while robot is power using Poloulu Micro Metal Gearmotors and Li-Po 2S battery. HC-05 bluetooth module is used for robot control and tunning. 

 arduino nanodriverhc05motorITR8307

Robot name is inspired by Queen song Don't stop me now  ("...they call me Mister Fahrenheit, I'm traveling at the speed of light...")


 - Project schematic and pcb: sch&pcb
 - Robot model on thingiversemodel
 - Demo video on youtube: testingcompetition
 - More videos from RoboTEC: videos
 - Sample code for sensors and motors testing: sensorsmotors
 - Bluetooth app for robot control on google play store : HC-05 Bluetooth Remote


  • 1_Resistors2K191_Resistors2K19
  • 2_Resistors2K192_Resistors2K19
  • 3_Resistors2K193_Resistors2K19
  • 4_Resistors2K194_Resistors2K19
  • 5_Resistors2K195_Resistors2K19
  • 7_Resistors2K197_Resistors2K19
  • 8_Resistors2K198_Resistors2K19
  • 6_Resistors2K196_Resistors2K19
  • 9_Resistors2K199_Resistors2K19
  • 10_Resistors2K1910_Resistors2K19
  • 11_Resistors2K1911_Resistors2K19
  • 12_Resistors2K1912_Resistors2K19
  • 13_Resistors2K1913_Resistors2K19
  • 14_Resistors2K1914_Resistors2K19
  • 15_Resistors2K1915_Resistors2K19
  • 18_Resistors2K1918_Resistors2K19
  • 16_Resistors2K1916_Resistors2K19
  • 17_Resistors2K1917_Resistors2K19
  • 19_Resistors2K1919_Resistors2K19
  • 20_Resistors2K1920_Resistors2K19
  • 22_Resistors2K1922_Resistors2K19
  • 21_Resistors2K1921_Resistors2K19
  • 23_Resistors2K1923_Resistors2K19
  • 24_Resistors2K1924_Resistors2K19
  • 25_Resistors2K1925_Resistors2K19
  • 27_Resistors2K1927_Resistors2K19
  • 26_Resistors2K1926_Resistors2K19
  • 28_Resistors2K1928_Resistors2K19


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