stepper Stepper Motor Controller
Author: J. Bajić 
2019 03 29 172747 

This project present a Stepper Motor Controller with microstepping and speed ramping implementations. Controller implementation is based on custom board with dsPIC30F4013 microcontroller and L298N dual H-bridge motor driver. Controller supports microstepping up to 1/32 of full step, but stepper controller implementation can be easily ported to other plaforms and configured according to user requirements. Stepper speed ramping (acceleration and decelaration) is based on David Austin article [1], which deals with how to generate stepper motor linear speed profiles in real time. 

dspic       L298       nema17

A simple LabVIEW virtual instrument is implemented for stepper motor driving and testing based on given stepper motor controller. NEMA 17 stepper motor is used in demo video.

[1] David Austin, “Generate stepper-motor speed profiles in real time”.


 - Stepper motor controller on githubsource
 - Motor driver board schematic and pcb: sch&pcb
LabVIEW virtual instrument: stepper
 - Motor cover model on thingiverse: model
 - Demo video on youtube: video



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