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Author:  J. Bajić
2019 03 29 172747 

This project demonstrates a simple, 3D printable, parametric design of planetary gearbox in OpenSCAD. Planetary gearbox is one of the most important and fascinating mechanical inventions. It is also called epicyclic gear train. These gearboxes are used in transmission systems of automobiles with automatic transmission. Planetary gearbox consists of four components:

  1. Sun gear – outer gear in the center
  2. Ring gear – larger inner gear
  3. Planet gears – outer gears in between of sun and ring gear
  4. Carrier – part on which planet gears are mounted

Motion and operation of the gearbox depends on whether sun, ring or carrier is locked (stationary),
as well as which of the other two is input and which is output.

Gearbox in this project is design with locked ring gear, input connected to the sun gear and output connected to carrier. In such case gear ratio N is calculated as follows:


Where nR and nS are numbers of teeth of ring and sun gear, respectively. Additionaly, gearbox is design so that multiple gearboxes can be easily stacked one on top of the other for larger gear ratio. Design is parametric and can be adjusted accoriding to needs.


 - 3D model on thingiverse: model
 - Demo video on youtubevideo
 - Motor driver used in video: driver
 - Short external video tutorials on planetary gearbox: video1, video2


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