2023 10 05 173530 Simple BCG Heart Rate Monitoring System
Authors: D. Tucakov 
2019 03 29 172747 

This project illustrates simple heart rate monitoring system based on method of ballistocardiography or BCG. Ballistocardiography is a non-invasive method for measuring and analyzing small ballistic impact forces caused by the contraction of the heart muscle. This medical technique provides insight into the cardiovascular system by detecting and recording the body's subtle movements as a result of the ejection of blood from the heart. These small ballistic forces can be recorded using various type of sensors such as accelerometers. By analyzing the mechanical forces generated by the heart, healthcare professionals can assess various aspects of cardiac function including heart rate, the amount of blood ejected with each beat, the volume of blood the heart pumps per minute, and the timing of specific events in the cardiac cycle.

In this project simple demo of a BCG system is given. System is implemented using analog ADXL330 accelerometer board produced by Mikroelektronika. Most important part of the presented system is analog stage given in figure below. 


Analog signal from accelerometer (z-axis acceleration) is amplified and filtered using custom designed analog stage and subsequently digitalized with SimpleDAQ device. Filtration circuit is implemented using two second order Salley-Key filters: a high pass (HP, U1A) filter with cut off frequency of 1.59 Hz and low pass (LP, U2A) filter with cut off frequency of 15.9 Hz. Amplification circuit is implemented using two noninverting amplifiers (U1B & U2B) providing total gain of around 50. Additional amplification (x8) is provided via SimpleDAQ. Two TL072 operational amplifiers are used for analog stage building. 


 - BCG schematic: pdf
BCG PCB: zip
 - SimpleDAQ: link
 - Demo video on youtube: video


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