front WS2812 Programmable LED Controller
Authors: J. Bajić
2019 03 29 172747 

This is an project example using smart programmable LEDs WS2812. WS2812 is a intelligent control LED light source that the control circuit and RGB chip are integrated in
a package of 5050 components. These LEDs are 24bit programable LEDs (using single wire NZR communication mode as data transfer protocol). In this project 24 LED ring with WS2818 LEDs is used (but can be easily configured for other number of LEDs). WS2812 driver is base on MINI-AT small development with atmega328 microcontroller by Mikroelektronika.

mini         pcb3d    Drawing1  bt

Driver board also utilizes HC-06 bluetooh communication module for wireless control of the LEDs. Sample android application for controling LEDs via bluetooth is design using MIT App Inventor 2.


- WS2812 datashet: pdf
- Demo project on github: source
- Driver schematic and pcb: sch&pcb
- Driver housing/box on thingiversebox
- WS2812 LED ring housing on thingiverse: lamp
- Bluetooth android installation package: apk
- MIT App Inventor Source Code File: aia
- Project video on youtube: video



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