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3D Printed Planetary Gearbox
3D printable, parametric design of planetary gearbox in OpenSCAD. It is design so that multiple gearboxes can be stacked one on top of the other for larger gear ratio
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frontNew MLX90640 Thermal Camera with STM32F7 [UPDATED]
Demo project for Melexis MLX90640 thermal image sensor using IR GRID 3 Click and mikromedia 7 for STM32F7 development board by Mikroelektronika.

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frontAS7261 AS7261 XYZ Sensor - Colorimeter 
AS7261 is a chromatic color sensor providing direct XYZ color coordinates consistent with the CIE 1931 2° Standard Observer.

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front WS2812 Programmable LED Controller
A project example using smart programmable LEDs WS2818 and Bluetooth app controller.

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front FT800 ConnectEVE Demo
Demo project for FT800 graphics controller based ConnectEVE development board by Mikroelektronika.

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stepper Stepper Motor Controller
Stepper motor controller implementation with microstepping and speed ramping (acceleration/deceleration).

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2019 07 04 141043 LED Matrix Display - Library + Demo
Library and examples for LED Matrix display. Library is both functionally and platform configurable

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mikromediaSTM32f Mikromedia Plus for STM32F7 - Demo + Examples
Examples and demo project for Mikromedia+ for STM32F7 board built using STM32 Open Development Environment.

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