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modelocking Mode Locking - Demo
Mode locking is a method used for generating high power ultrashort laser pulses. This is an audio demo.

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8 Resistors2K19

Line Follower Robot - 2K19
Line Follower Robot - Mr. Fahernheit built by team Resistor 2K19 for RobotTEC 2019 compentition. Mr. Fahernheit won second place.
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front1 Simple Fiber Optic Audio
This project demonstrates a simple audio signal transmission through optical fiber. This project was a 10 points assigement from the course of Optoelectronics.

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front Simple ECG Amplifier 
This project demonstrates a simple ECG amlifier and signal acquisition.

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GreenMambaGIF DIY 3D Printer
Custom built, open design (OpenScad), DIY 3D printer - Green Mamba.

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icon UART Console
PC software written in Java for serial communication with target device. UI is built using JavaFX 2.0.
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